Lots in Echelon Golf Community- Alpharetta, GA- SOLD





Address:   Echelon Golf and Country Club-    501 Founders Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30004

 Number of Lots:              7 Lots available:

Lot Numbers              Description                     Size                      Address

92                                  02N12 201                    1 Acre                  500 Founders Dr.

93                                  02N12 202                    .95 Acres             501 Founders Court

96                                  02N12 205                    .95 Acres             507 Founders Dr.

97                                  02N12 206                    1.48 Acres           700 Founders Ct.

106                                02N12 215                    1.03 Acres           709 Founders Ct.

107                                02N12 216                    .98 Acres             708 Founders Ct.

109                                02N12 218                    1.36 Acres           514 Founders Dr.


 Improvements:   Fully Developed lots; Golf Course and Full Amenities

 Schools:   Macedonia Elementary School; Creekland Middle School Creekview High School

 Topography:   Varying depending on Lot (surveys and topos available upon request)

 Utilities:   All Utilities available at Lot Line

 Price:   $75,000.00 per Lot to $125,000 per Lot (depending on grade)

 Additional Comments:   The 378 acre site is located in Alpharetta, Georgia, approximately 30 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia, between the Atlanta National Golf Course and the Hawk’s Ridge Golf Course, The 262 acre, 18 hole golf course was designed by Rees Jones, son of Robert Trent Jones with luxury home prices to 3 million dollars.

Echelon Aerial Parcel View Labeled

EchelonEntrance Golf Collage



  • Sale Type: Land 
  • Address: Alpharetta, Georgia 
  • County: 770-533-9585 

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